Friday, December 28, 2012

Battery Reunion show at the Red Palace

So, many of you may have heard the Revelation Records has been doing a series of shows celebrating their 25 years as an indie record label. First in California, then in New York, and finally there is one coming up in Chicago On January 5th & 6th. Well, former DC hardcore stalwarts Battery were asked to play the New York show. Myself and many others got wind of this, and really didn't think it would happen, for a variety of reasons. It had been a long time, everyone had moved on, etc.
Well, it did happen. Which I was bummed about initially, as I had no plans to go to the New York show. Life and finances made it impossible. Then comes word that they were going to do a warm up show in DC. No longer bummed.
The show was fast, fun and packed. it was great to see Brian, Ken, Hamacher, and Schliebaum back at it. There was real bonus was when Brian's brother Mike (Damnation a.d., When Tigers Fight, not to mention about the nicest guy ever) joined the band on stage to add some vocals.

Much has been said about the good and the bad of bands reuniting. And there are valid points on both sides of the argument. But I think you really have to take it on a case by case (or band by band) basis. Some have been clear cash grabs (see Pistols, Sex), some have just been sad, some have been for fun, and others have been as fundraisers, or for other legit reasons. In this case, I was curious, as I really never figured that Brian would do it again (and if they really wanted a cash grab, they would have gone to Germany where Battery had a HUGE fan base). But as he pointed out to me when I asked "why?" he said it was because of what Revelation Records had meant to many kids like him and me and others of a similar age. Listening to Gorilla Biscuits, Judge, Inside out, Youth of Today, Bold, Sick Of it All, Sense Field, Texas is the Reason, or any number of other bands they put out. It was some of the most important music to us, and that totally made sense to me. While Brian has moved on to be a successful independent music producer in Baltimore, he never forgot what spoke to him first as a kid, when his big brother Mike started playing records for him and dragging him to shows.

I'd say that's a legit reason.

Here are the pics. 

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