Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Load Up Your Questions Like a Shotgun - Quicksand at the Black Cat

Quicksand, for those who don't know, was part of the so called "post hardcore" movement of the early 90's. (I find labels fairly tiresome, but I get that it helps people to do so. C'est le guerre). They burned hot and fast and were basically done by 1995 - the old "internal tensions." Subsequent reunions came and went but always ended with another split.
I was a huge fan of the band but missed them entirely before. Fast forward to January, and they made a stop at the Black Cat, which I was not going to miss. While I find many of these reunion tours a bit dubious, I was glad I went to this show. They were REALLY tight and performed just about every song from their catalog (including their cover of "How Soon is Now?"). Maybe they hate each other, I don't know, but they seemed to be having fun. They got together this last time for the first of the Revelation Records 25th Anniversary shows, and I guess they decided it was fun.
First thing I noticed was that this show was packed. I figured that I would have to get up front early in order to get a decent shooting angle. I didn't mind though, as the opening act was Cymbals Eat Guitars, The Staten Island, NY band that is always fun. Somehow I ended up dead center in the front, which made things interesting once the pit started during Quicksand's set. Fortunately, There were a couple of folks behind me looking out for me (strangers - no one I knew). Helped to keep the masses from crushing me. Ok, I had a couple of good souls who helped restore my faith in humanity to keep a few of the meathead, drunk-ass, frat boys who kept screaming at Walter off me ("Where were you during my prom? You missed my whole life!" - really? wow.)

Oh, and lasers. Quicksand had lasers.

Well, I think I am done with 90's reunion shows for a while. I saw Battery, Worlds Collide, Quicksand and Texas is the Reason. They were all fun, but the upcoming shows I have to edit are all current bands.

In any case, here are my pics.

Till next time - see you in the pit. pete The List......

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I Got my Heart up in a Beautiful Mess - Hot Water Music at the 9:30 Club

So, I am a late comer to the Hot Water Music party. They were a band that I had heard of but never really listened to, for no real reason. I have such a large swath of music that I like, that there are inevitably bands or artists that I would like that simply fall through the cracks. A perfect example of this would be the Screaming Blue Messiahs; until a friend mine introduced them to me, I had never heard them. Great band that I found out about 20+ years after the fact. Point is it happens.
Anyway, I finally picked up a Hot Water Music album a few years back and was instantly hooked. Really hooked. I now love this band, and their most recent album "Exister" is great - I highly recommend it. They also put out a live album recorded at the Metro in Chicago, coupled with a live DVD of the concert. I guess they took a page from the Smoking Popes on that one (It's the old take-a- hiatus, then-do-a-reunion-show-at-the-metro-and-release-it-as-an-album-and-live-DVD trick). Well, it's a formula that works, so why not. It's a available on 3 X LP or 2 XCD and DVD at No Idea Records, and also quite good.
Through one of my previously mentioned back door channels I was able to get a photo pass to the show. Here are my pictures. The List......