Monday, January 27, 2014

Introducing the new guy

Hey all-

Well, as life has continued to put things in my way, I am trying to set things up for more regular posts. One of those things is to bring on another member to the All Ages family. His name is Chris Grady, and he is a welcome addition to the blog.
Chris originally hails from New Jersey, which automatically makes him ok in my book (I love NJ). He came to DC via Pennsylvania (college), Baltimore (cheap rent), Richmond (a lady) and then DC (grad school - he am smart) where he has stayed (well...MoCo) and made him a family with the lady. All along the way he was a musical nut, and closet hoarder archivist. He has an impressive collection of music and related memorabilia. He also began shooting shows in 2012, which is relatively recent, but he got bit by the bug pretty hard - I can relate.
I have gotten to know Chris through some mutual friends and our mutual desire to embarrass ourselves in team sports with other non typical athletes and trying not to get injured. So far so good.
Anyway, welcome Chris to the fold. He will be here to help me document and talk about some of the shows we attend. Sometimes we end up that the same shows, often not as we both have the family obligations.

You can check out some of his photos here:

 Metz at the Rock in Roll Hotel.

I'll put some of more of his show shots soon. 

Till next time - see you in the pit.


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Friday, January 17, 2014

God Dammit. Not again.

UPDATE: The outpouring for Ashley and Link has been amazing. More proof of what an impact Travis had, and how the DC music scene looks out for one another. Let's keep it going.

Hey all-

Well, I hate that my posts have been infrequent, and I when I do post them, too often it's bad news. If you haven't already heard, Travis Jackson, drummer for The Points and founder of the indie label Windian Records was killed tragically while working On January 15th. I won't rehash the details, but you can read the City Paper story here.

More importantly, there has been a memorial fund set up to help out his wife and one year old son, Link. If you can give anything to help, please do. You can make donations at the website here, or you can find the link on the Windian Records homepage.

I promise to have happier posts soon. In the mean time, let's help out a guy whose mantra was "earn everything", which he lived by putting his heart and soul in the the DC music - now let's give a little back to his family as thanks.

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