Monday, April 8, 2013

Arm In Arm and On Our Way - The Evens at the Bike Doctor

The Evens is the project currently occupying the lives of DC music stalwarts Ian MacKaye and Amy Farina that was formed after Fugazi started their indefinite hiatus. For those who were big Fugazi fans (or the rest of Ian's sizable music career), The Evens provided a bit of departure. Still impassioned heartfelt music, but the delivery is decidedly more mellow. Rather than the buzz-saw of two guitars, bass, drums and two vocalists pushing their vocal chords to the edge, The Evens bring a baritone guitar, drums and vocal harmony.

They certainly keep the lyrical chops up, and Ian will unleash his trademark voice once in a while. Also, Amy's drumming is absolutely fascinating. Not overpowering or flashy, but just right and providing a great back beat with the perfect accents where needed.

Not surprisingly, they have released their music on Dischord Records. They now have 3 albums and a 7" available, which are all worth picking up. That said, their latest effort "The Odds" (see what they did there) is something to behold. I enjoyed the previous material, but everything came together on this record. I think they have really figured each other out musically, and it has led to some really strong song writing.

They have also kept up their penchant for playing alternative venues. This particular show was played at a bike shop up in Frederick, MD (the Bike Doctor). The shop literally rented a uhaul truck to store all their bikes for the show so they could open up the floor for those of us who attended. Totally worth is, as they sounded great and the shop was filled with folks to see the show. If you get a chance to see them live, I highly suggest you do so. I know they are headed to the west cost from April 10th-20th (including Cochella).

You can see my pics here.

I actually took some film shots at this show. I have yet to go through them, but if there is anything worth adding later, I'll do so.

till next time. see you in the pit.


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