Friday, December 28, 2012

Battery Reunion show at the Red Palace

So, many of you may have heard the Revelation Records has been doing a series of shows celebrating their 25 years as an indie record label. First in California, then in New York, and finally there is one coming up in Chicago On January 5th & 6th. Well, former DC hardcore stalwarts Battery were asked to play the New York show. Myself and many others got wind of this, and really didn't think it would happen, for a variety of reasons. It had been a long time, everyone had moved on, etc.
Well, it did happen. Which I was bummed about initially, as I had no plans to go to the New York show. Life and finances made it impossible. Then comes word that they were going to do a warm up show in DC. No longer bummed.
The show was fast, fun and packed. it was great to see Brian, Ken, Hamacher, and Schliebaum back at it. There was real bonus was when Brian's brother Mike (Damnation a.d., When Tigers Fight, not to mention about the nicest guy ever) joined the band on stage to add some vocals.

Much has been said about the good and the bad of bands reuniting. And there are valid points on both sides of the argument. But I think you really have to take it on a case by case (or band by band) basis. Some have been clear cash grabs (see Pistols, Sex), some have just been sad, some have been for fun, and others have been as fundraisers, or for other legit reasons. In this case, I was curious, as I really never figured that Brian would do it again (and if they really wanted a cash grab, they would have gone to Germany where Battery had a HUGE fan base). But as he pointed out to me when I asked "why?" he said it was because of what Revelation Records had meant to many kids like him and me and others of a similar age. Listening to Gorilla Biscuits, Judge, Inside out, Youth of Today, Bold, Sick Of it All, Sense Field, Texas is the Reason, or any number of other bands they put out. It was some of the most important music to us, and that totally made sense to me. While Brian has moved on to be a successful independent music producer in Baltimore, he never forgot what spoke to him first as a kid, when his big brother Mike started playing records for him and dragging him to shows.

I'd say that's a legit reason.

Here are the pics. 

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Can You Feel Me? - Hawks & Doves at DC9

Well, here is a quick post to brighten up this dreary day after christmas (it was snowing this morning. Now it's just a rainy mess). To you Canadians out there, happy boxing day.
This one goes back to June when Hawks & Doves stopped in to DC9 on the short tour they did this summer. If any of you remember the band Planes Mistaken for Stars, then you may recognize Gared O'Donnell who fronted that band. This is his new(er) project. Similar in intensity, but Gared does a bit more singing (in his trademarked gravel), than screaming. The debut album "Year One" has gotten a lot of play by me. It is available on No Idea records or on iTunes.
Anyway, the show did not disappoint. As is Gared's style, he left it on the stage, despite not feeling well.
You can check out my pics here. The List......

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I got Wrecked - Regents & METZ at the Red Palace

Hey all. Here is a two-fer.

Well, it was one show, but two bands. This was the Regents record release show at The Red Palace. BTW their new record "Antietem After Party" on Lovitt Records is great. You know, if you're into high energy harDCore. Never hurts to have J Robbins in the producer's chair.
Anyway, I was pretty jazzed for the show, as Regents doesn't play THAT often, but they bring it when they do. This was no exception. Really, high energy, complete with Jason moving his drumset into the crowd for the last song, and getting a few auxiliary drummers to join him. Dave and Eric also jumped off stage, and joined the madness. Drew took the mic from the stage and howled away. Quite an ending.
Also, if you have never seen Jason Hamacher drum, you're missing out. This guys finds another plane when he is behind the kit. What he does with a fairly sparse set up is something to see.

Here are the pics from the Regents set.

The second band in this two-fer was METZ. I had not heard of until the Friday before, when they were featured in the WaPo Weekend section. I read the article, and thought they sounded like a band I would like. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw they were opening for Regents. What I was not prepared for was how they just destroyed it. I mean De. Stroyed. It. The assault that was their performance is definitely one of my top 5 performances I've seen this year. Plus, they were about the nicest guys I've ever met. Their record (available on SubPop)is also in my top 5 of the year. I picked it up immediately after the show.

Here are the pic from the METZ set.

Between these two bands (plus the always high energy opener Imperial China), this was an fantastic, and exhausting show.

If you haven't heard by now, The Red Palace is closing as of January 1st, with no plans to reopen. It wasn't exactly and all ages venue all the time (especially the burlesque shows), but it had turned into a good show space. I only saw a hand full of shows there but always had a good time. Happy trails....

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Joy Formidable @ St. Stephen's

Well, in an effort to play catch up (I've shot quite a few shows lately), here is next installment.

     The Joy Formidable, for those that don't know, is a 3 piece from Wales that has a tendency to  destroy the audience. An absolute powerhouse of a band that leaves it on the stage. I first saw them opening for Social Distortion, on the Foo Fighters last tour. My friend Gordon tipped me off about them, telling me "make sure you get there in time to see the opening act". Ok, well, he was spot on. I've never seen an opening act and an arena show (Verizon center -worst concert venue I ever been to) just kill it.
    So I got wind that they were playing an alt venue tour this past fall, and that DC *might* be a stop.
    Might became reality, and I was in. Ticket and photo pass secured, I went in, pretty psyched. As I mentioned in my last post, I don't photograph larger bands very often, and usually under pretty heavy restrictions. My only restriction this time was by their tour manager who asked me to "not get on the stage". Ok.
    A few things worth mentioning here: This was a benefit show for St. Stephen's church, which is pretty cool of the band. St. Stephen's is known to many a harDCore kid as a cool DIY venue to host shows. What many don't know, is that St. Stephen's is also the home of Positive Force DC , Words Beats & Life, We Are Family and many other non profit organizations that help out the less fortunate. This is all on top of their own community work. They have often forgone needs at the church to help others. This has started to catch up with them, and they need capital to help rehab their building, and make some needed improvements. This show was a step in that effort. Now, I'm not really a church kinda guy, but this is a group that has helped a lot of people, and been a willing home to the local music scene (harDCore and otherwise) for a long time. I appreciate what they do, and I want to see it keep going.
     Also, the lighting for the show was not really very good. Taking photos tough. The light was REALLY bright on the bass player and drummer, but the guitarist/vocalist/frontwoman was left almost in the dark. I would have killed for a spotlight. Ah well.
     On the plus side, the usually mediocre sound at St. Stephen's was very good. Whoever their sound guy was figured out that room like no one else ever has.
      Anyway, here are my pics. Lighting issues be damned.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

The Gaslight Anthem @ 9:30

So, having photographed bands for a long time, I have made a lot of friendships over the years. These friendships are hugely important to me. Not just for the occasional perks. But perks help. Like when I wanted to photograph this show. See the 9:30 club is a great venue to see a band, and the lighting is great. However, because they book some larger acts, they have much stricter rules when it comes to photographing the band. No pass, no photos. It's a pain, but I get it. They have to keep their acts happy, and larger acts have more restriction on them, usually imposed by their labels.
I have been down this road before: you can only be in this location, no flash, first three songs only, then you're out. SOP for larger bands. Often why I don't bother trying to photograph larger bands.
Well, Gaslight Anthem is now on Mercury Records, so big label rules now apply. That said, I have been a fan since "The '59 Sound" came out, so I was pretty excited at the chance to photograph them. When a friend of mine made that possible, I jumped at it. Plus, I get to see them live, which is really the point.
They did not disappoint.
Here are my images. I was hustling for 3 songs. Then sat back and enjoyed the show.

Hope you like them.

pete The List......
Hey all- Well, since the old list does not serve much purpose anymore (all those venues now have slick websites), I have decided to do a re-boot of this page. All Ages 2.0. Since the harDCore scene was the genesis of my music photography, and all ages shows were the key ingredient to that, I decided to stick with the name and just drop the "list" part. It will be more of a general music info, mostly about DC, but not exclusively. I will also use this as a venue you to link my photos from shows I attend, usually with a short summary of the show itself. Hopefully, you'll find it interesting enough to come back from time to time. It can be a bit of a happy place for fellow music nuts out there. Maybe relive a show we were both at, or catch up on one you missed. If you're ever interested in my "day job", you can fine that here. Anyway, I'm gonna post the first photo related entry soon. Like maybe later tonight. pete The List......