Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bringing Your Heart back from the Dead - The Life & Times at the Black Cat

Another quick hit post. This is an old set that I am posting, as part of my catching up with the blog a bit.
The Life and Times is easily one of my favorite bands of the moment, period. The album they released last year on Hawthorne Street Records called "No One Loves You Like I Do" is definitely one of my favorites. It might be my favorite overall. I just hate lists. I just know that I never tire of listening to it.

They are a band that I don't think gets the credit or run that they should. I have been a fan ever since my buddy Kim gave me their first record that she put out on DeSoto Records called "Suburban Hymns". TLAT was formed by Allen Epley after Shiner called it quits. Since Shiner had a nice run on DeSoto Records, it was only natural that TLAT would go there as well. Kim then put the label in semi-mothballs (back catalog is available, but nothing new) she helped them find a new home. In any case, I highly recommend all their records. Pick them up. you won't be sorry. (Oh, and the Shiner stuff is really good as well. Get all that as well. )

Plus, they have a lot of fun making quirky videos. You can see them here.

After several years of missing them play in town, I finally caught them at the Black Cat back in March. Here is my photographic proof.

Never have I see anyone rock the back room at the cat that hard. great show. Can't wait to see them again.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

A Gentle Reminder - The Jealous Sound @ Rock n' Roll Hotel

Hey all-
The Jealous Sound is a band that I have followed ever since my friend Kelly introduced me to their first EP on Better Looking Records. I was hooked. Then they released their first full length "Kill Them with Kindness", that was originally supposed to be the major label debut of the band. After a too often told story of a mess of things with the major label, it ended up being released on Better Looking again. Still one of my favorite albums of all time. I saw them on that tour at, the now defunct, Fletcher's in Baltimore. It was a great show, but then they sort of vanished. Then they suddenly show up with a new EP ("Got Friends") and as the opening act for Sunny Day Real Estate on the "Diary" re-issue tour. Buzz started to arise about new material.
Fast forward a few years, then they announce that they are recording, gonna tour, and have a new record. I don't know all the back story as the the goings on (or lack there of) of the band, and at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. I was just glad they were back on tour, had a new record, and I was going to get a chance to see them and photograph them. One of my photo regrets was that I didn't get to photograph them at the Fletcher's show years ago. The venue was crowded, and I figured I would never get close enough to shoot them, so I put my camera back in my car. I ended up with the perfect angle. Poop.

Well, I got the chance. Twice, as it turns out.

They played the Rock and Roll Hotel twice last year. Once in February, and again in October. So, I have two sets of images.

The February show.

The October show.

That's all for now. I have some more stuff coming up. Hopefully soon.

see you in the pit,

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