Friday, December 14, 2012

The Gaslight Anthem @ 9:30

So, having photographed bands for a long time, I have made a lot of friendships over the years. These friendships are hugely important to me. Not just for the occasional perks. But perks help. Like when I wanted to photograph this show. See the 9:30 club is a great venue to see a band, and the lighting is great. However, because they book some larger acts, they have much stricter rules when it comes to photographing the band. No pass, no photos. It's a pain, but I get it. They have to keep their acts happy, and larger acts have more restriction on them, usually imposed by their labels.
I have been down this road before: you can only be in this location, no flash, first three songs only, then you're out. SOP for larger bands. Often why I don't bother trying to photograph larger bands.
Well, Gaslight Anthem is now on Mercury Records, so big label rules now apply. That said, I have been a fan since "The '59 Sound" came out, so I was pretty excited at the chance to photograph them. When a friend of mine made that possible, I jumped at it. Plus, I get to see them live, which is really the point.
They did not disappoint.
Here are my images. I was hustling for 3 songs. Then sat back and enjoyed the show.

Hope you like them.


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Shylocke said...

Great photos, man! I especially like the richness of the B&W ones.