Sunday, May 18, 2014

Say Yes to Love - Perfect Pussy, Green Dreams at DC9

So, Chris and I had ended up at two shows together again. The first was a fantastic show featuring Syracuse's own Perfect Pussy, and Rochester's Green Dreams at DC9. The second was Slint at the Ottobar. Slint did not allow any "pro"cameras, so no shots of that to be had. I didn't really mind, except for the fact that I had to leave my camera in my car. Leaving anything of value in your car in Baltimore is always a gamble. It worked out for me, and the show was fantastic.

Ok, back to the show where we were allowed to take pictures.

First up was a "femme fronted psychedelic punk rock band out of Rochester, NY" called Green Dreams. They were very good - and a really good match with Perfect Pussy on their tour. After drummer Trevor Smith figured out a minor technical difficulty with the guitar amp, front-woman Jesse Ames handled guitar and vocals with ease, as the band ripped through a very high energy set. They barely skipped a beat when bassist Benny "Beyond" Kruger's cord crapped out. He simply swapped it out, and boom, they were off again. I am looking forward to getting my hands on their new 7" from Cherish Records at the end of May.

You can see the pics here.

Shortly afterwards, Chris joined me by the stage to enjoy the dulcet tones and low key energy of Syracuse's Perfect Pussy. (editor's note - that's sarcasm. Perfect Pussy are high energy as f*$k) - I will admit a soft spot for anything coming out of Syracuse, as I spent my college years up there as a student at Syracuse University (and going to hardcore shows during the height of Earth Crisis - good times and thank you McKaig). It also helped that the bassist was sporting an Alto Cinco sticker on his guitar, which just happens to be one of a handful of restaurants I dearly miss. Anyway, they brought it, and the crowd was into everything they brought. The energy was great and the set was tight and a way that left you asking "Really? It's over already?" The sold-out crowd put a serious stress test on the floor at DC9, bouncing and dancing to every song, and singing along. Fortunately, we did not end up on top of the bar downstairs, so we had that going for us...which was nice.  Really fantastic, and I am looking forward to catching them again in the future. BTW, their album "Say Yes to Love" is very good, and I recommend you all get your hands on it.

You can see my pics here.
And Chris's here.

Also, since this show, the bands' van that they were sharing was broken into, and Green Dreams got hit hard. Perfect Pussy set up an Indie Go Go page to help Green Dreams replace some of the things they lost. If you can throw a couple bucks their way, they would greatly appreciate it. You can read more and donate the site here - Help Green Dreams. The List......