Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm Living a Better Fiction - Daria at the Black Cat

So Daria is a band that I had only heard of because the guys from Office of Future Plans talked about them after they played with them on the bill for the Sant Feliu Fest last year in Spain. Well they are a band from France that I REALLY enjoyed. They came to the states to do a mini 3 city tour with OOFP and Kepone, to support a split 7" they did together (OOFP and Daria - that is). The show was fantastic, and not nearly enough people were there. Seriously, I do get bummed when really good bands (All 3 in this case) don't get the crowds they should. If you are not familiar with any of these 3 check them out now.

The split 7" features original songs, plus OOFP and Daria each covered a song from the other. In this case OOFP covered "The English Cloud" from Daria's catalog, and Daria covered OOFP's "Dumb It Down." It is available on Lovitt Records . Go get it. I also picked up Daria's record "RedRed" which I can highly recommend. You can find that record (among others) here.

Well, things have been harried here at HQ. I am hoping to catch up on past show photos in the next few weeks. I have a few more to get up. 

You can see the rest of my pics here.

until then - see you in the pit.

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