Thursday, December 20, 2012

I got Wrecked - Regents & METZ at the Red Palace

Hey all. Here is a two-fer.

Well, it was one show, but two bands. This was the Regents record release show at The Red Palace. BTW their new record "Antietem After Party" on Lovitt Records is great. You know, if you're into high energy harDCore. Never hurts to have J Robbins in the producer's chair.
Anyway, I was pretty jazzed for the show, as Regents doesn't play THAT often, but they bring it when they do. This was no exception. Really, high energy, complete with Jason moving his drumset into the crowd for the last song, and getting a few auxiliary drummers to join him. Dave and Eric also jumped off stage, and joined the madness. Drew took the mic from the stage and howled away. Quite an ending.
Also, if you have never seen Jason Hamacher drum, you're missing out. This guys finds another plane when he is behind the kit. What he does with a fairly sparse set up is something to see.

Here are the pics from the Regents set.

The second band in this two-fer was METZ. I had not heard of until the Friday before, when they were featured in the WaPo Weekend section. I read the article, and thought they sounded like a band I would like. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw they were opening for Regents. What I was not prepared for was how they just destroyed it. I mean De. Stroyed. It. The assault that was their performance is definitely one of my top 5 performances I've seen this year. Plus, they were about the nicest guys I've ever met. Their record (available on SubPop)is also in my top 5 of the year. I picked it up immediately after the show.

Here are the pic from the METZ set.

Between these two bands (plus the always high energy opener Imperial China), this was an fantastic, and exhausting show.

If you haven't heard by now, The Red Palace is closing as of January 1st, with no plans to reopen. It wasn't exactly and all ages venue all the time (especially the burlesque shows), but it had turned into a good show space. I only saw a hand full of shows there but always had a good time. Happy trails....

Till next time.

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