Friday, December 14, 2012

Hey all- Well, since the old list does not serve much purpose anymore (all those venues now have slick websites), I have decided to do a re-boot of this page. All Ages 2.0. Since the harDCore scene was the genesis of my music photography, and all ages shows were the key ingredient to that, I decided to stick with the name and just drop the "list" part. It will be more of a general music info, mostly about DC, but not exclusively. I will also use this as a venue you to link my photos from shows I attend, usually with a short summary of the show itself. Hopefully, you'll find it interesting enough to come back from time to time. It can be a bit of a happy place for fellow music nuts out there. Maybe relive a show we were both at, or catch up on one you missed. If you're ever interested in my "day job", you can fine that here. Anyway, I'm gonna post the first photo related entry soon. Like maybe later tonight. pete

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