Sunday, June 27, 2010

Burning Airlines on a recent "Secret History"

DCist has their continuing series of "Secret History" articles where they take a look at seminal albums to come out of the DC Music scene. On and earlier post, I told you about the article they did on Fugazi's "In On the Kill Taker". This time the took on the post Jawbox project of Bill Barbot and J Robbins called Burning Airlines. The debut album "Mission: Control!" I think is one of the more unheralded albums to come out of DC. Take 2 parts Jawbox, 1 part less complication, add a dash of Pete Moffett and you get one heck of a band. I kinda wish this band had hung around a bit longer, it was not meant to be. Bill left to go full bore with his partners into their new (at the time) start up company Threespot. Plus, he was about to be a dad. The band produced a second album, "Identikit" with Mike Harbin taking Bill's place, that while good in it's own right, was not the same. To be clear, I enjoy both albums, but if I have to choose "Mission: Control!" is the winner.

If you would like to buy the CDs, they are available at Desoto Records, and on iTunes. (they don't need a link from me).

You can read the DCist article here.

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