Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Chris's First Post! - Hospitality & Soccer Team at the Rock and Roll Hotel

Three band bill at the Rock & Roll Hotel last Saturday night.  Sneaking out of kid bedtime duties and leaving a full 20 minutes earlier than I thought I needed was not enough to catch the opener, Golden Looks. For this I blame parking…and possibly a wrong turn or two.  
Thankfully, the lateness did not extend into Soccer Team’s set. You are doing yourself a disservice if you don't see them live.   This can all be rectified by checking them out March 13 at The Black Cat. Always a fun show, always some interesting facts from Ryan Nelson. Also, I would be remiss to not put in a word or two about Ryan’s Kalamazoo, MI based project, Minutes, which has just released its excellent second LP “Roland”. Word is Dischord has some copies. Order it. 
Anyway, Merge Records’ Hospitality headed up the outing, and outside of thinking that their new LP has some great cover art, this was my first exposure to them, and I enjoyed it.  They played a solid set to a receptive crowd. Not much more to say than that.   My pictures of the show can be found here:

Till next time,


S. Carroll Smith said...

Chris, your photos are wonderful. Rock solid. Thanks for sending the ol' S-Team and Minutes a shout on this here blog. I do wish I could've talked more (to you, not the audience ... they had about enough) at the show. I'm pretty sure we crossed paths on the floor for exactly half a second.

Christopher Grady said...

Yes, way too short, S. Carroll Smith . Let's get together soon.