Sunday, March 23, 2014

Certain Kinds of Trash - Chain and the Gang, Puff Pieces and Nic Fits at DC9

Pretend like I posted this a month and a half ago… DC9’s 10th anniversary celebration continued with Nics Fits, Puff Pieces, and Chain and the Gang. 

Nic Fits had some trouble getting the night started due to amp issues, but upon borrowing the headliner’s setup started an excited, half-dozen song set. Nic Fits truly seem to have a great time while playing, and it is infectious. Fun to witness, it was (why am I talking like Yoda?). See the pics here.

Puff Pieces were next up, and after seeing them at Comet just a few weeks ago, I was very excited to see them again. They did not disappoint. Over the years, I have lamented the short lifespan of Antelope (Mike's and Justin’s old band), and Puff Pieces are cut from a similar cloth. Lovitt Records will be releasing a four-song single from these folks, so look out for it.  Puff Pieces pics here.

Chain and the Gang headlined the night, and as expected, they put on a great show. I have missed Chain and the Gang at least a half-dozen times, so it was good to finally catch them live, and I was not disappointed. Ian Svenonius always brings his own special flair to anything he's involved in, and he lived up to it this night.  Chain and the Gang and the pics here.

till next time, see you in the pit,


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