Friday, February 15, 2013

I Need You Around - The Smoking Popes at Red Palace

So, here is a show that I forgot to add. Totally forgot I had it until I was watching the "Smoking Popes Live at The Metro" DVD the other night. Shooting bands is a passion of mine - but such a side gig for me that sometimes these things fall through the cracks. And why sometimes it takes me weeks between posts. Sorry about that.
Anyway, this was from October of 2012 when the Popes were out on tour to support the reissue of their seminal album "Born to Quit" on Side One Dummy Records, which they played in its entirety. If you don't have this album, or the aforementioned "Live at the Metro," I would highly recommend them.
The Smoking Popes have been a favorite of mine ever since I picked up a copy of "Born to Quit" back in college. I once had them described to me as "The Ramones with Morrissey on vocals."-. I have found that to be pretty spot on. They take a punk rock sound - and add the crooner voice of Josh Caterer, and it works in a wonderful way.
Oddly enough, Josh Caterer has a side project band called Duvall. I had the chance to talk with him for a few minutes after the show, and I asked him where he got the name. He told me from the actor Robert Duvall. I told him that I was curious as it also happened to be my last name - and that Robert was a (VERY) distant cousin. This led to the odd circumstance where someone wants to take their picture with ME. He said "as long as it was ok with me"- to which I told him that "I just spent the last hour photographing the band. So yeah, I think that's fair." It was odd though, as no one ever wants to take my picture.

I guess that'll be my 15 minutes of fame. Who knows.

Here are my pics from the show.

Anyway, till next time. See you in the pit.


ps - I actually got a video of "Pretty Pathetic.". Not the best quality (hey, I'm not a videographer) - but it turned out pretty well.

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