Friday, October 3, 2014

Get Hurt - The Gaslight Anthem at the 9:30 club

So, I once again got the opportunity to shoot the Gaslight Anthem as they opened up the tour for their new album "Get Hurt" here in Washington, DC. This is a band that has never failed to put on a great show whenever I see them.
I got to the show a bit later than I had hoped, because of parental duties (I have a kid, and she's rad). I got to the 9:30 too late to photograph Against Me!, but I was able to see most of their set. If you're wondering why I could see them but not photograph them - well, when bands get to a certain size (or on a a major label) there is usually a restriction on photographing the band. 1 - you need a photo pass and 2 - you only get to shoot the 1st three songs. In any case, I did get to at least see them and they  were fantastic. I have to say Atom Willard's work on the drums, in particular,  was pretty fun to watch. After the show, I ended up meetingLaura Jane Grace , who was really very nice. Which prompted me to do something I never do, ask her to autograph the copy of their most recent record "Transgender Dysphoria Blues" that I had just picked up at the show. It is difficult for anyone who is dealing with transgender issues, and I've known a couple of people who went through it. However, it's another level when you are a public figure/performer, and the whole world watched you do it. Especially in an industry that can be a bit "bro" heavy at times. I really admire Laura Jane's courage.
Gaslight hit the stage with "Stay Vicious" from the new album, and killed it with a solid set that spanned their whole catalog. They sounded very good, especially for a band that was playing first show of the tour. It's always fun to see what or who Benny has on his kick drum as well. Last time it was the manager from "Major League" - this time it was a 70's era Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (though possibly "Airplane!" era).
Anyway, they ended their set (well, encore) with a fantastic rendition of "Baba O'Riley" by The Who. The last song was a small tribute to a friend who was having a really tough day - which was pretty sweet.
The only bummer to the whole night was one particular couple, who were just about everything I hate in humanity. Totally self involved, drunk and drugged up beyond any reason - you know, the kind that makes you worry about humanity. The woman was trying to do whatever she could to get at Alex and had to be backed up from the stage by security. I saw her trying to talk her way backstage after the show, and security was having none of it. The guy was popping pills in front of me and washing it down with a mixed drink of some sort. Then he spilled his drink on me and another guy - apologized, and then offered to share his drink (No thanks. I'm good) - and that went on for a while. Not enough to ruin the show for me, but annoying.

You can see the pics here


Till next time, see you in the pit.


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