Friday, July 10, 2009

Funny local nugget

So i get the weekly email from Revelation Records, which give me the update on some news, and what is the new stuff they got in this week. They also include a "Fun Fact" every week. This week it hit home a bit: it was about the minor dust up between two local bands going by the name "Fury". The one most people know is the band that included Jason Farrell of Swiz, Bluetip, etc. The other included Brian McTernan (Ashes, Salad Days Studios), and Ken Olden (Worlds Collide, Damnation A.D., Better than 1000). Well, I let the folks at RevHQ sum it up.

Did you know that former Revelation Records recording artists
Battery were originally called Fury? It's true. Around the
summer of 1990 in the Washington, DC area, hardcore upstarts Ken
Olden, Brian McTernan (a.k.a. "Brian Fury") and others were
playing in a band called Fury and even released a demo under
this moniker. Coincidentally, some veterans of the DC hardcore
scene (including Jason Farrell, Shawn Brown and Alex Daniels
from Swiz along with Lunch Meat/ Ignition's Chris Thomson) were
also doing a band called Fury. So before the release of their
first 7", Ken Olden, Brian McTernan and crew decided to change
their name to Battery to avoid any confusion (and to pay tribute
to the Metallica song of the same name). Brian McTernan's older
brother Mike released the 7" on his label, Deadlock Records. And
on the matrix of the 7", Battery sent a parting message out to
that competing band, claiming that while they may have changed
their name to Battery, they were the real Fury.

good times....


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