Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A poem by Clark Sabine

Hey All-
This will be my last Clark centered post. As I understand more about who he was, the more I understand that being eulogized would not be his thing. To that end, Jimmy shared with me that the celebration was great, surreal, odd, upsetting and great. So many people had great stories about Clark that they got kicked out for over staying the allotted time. Perfect. Clark would have loved it.
So, what did everyone do? Simple. They all went to the Black Cat and toasted Clark the rest of the night. I think that is a great way to celebrate some one like Clark.

With that, I am sharing a poem that was shared with me by Rebecca Armendariz. It was written by Clark, and I think it sums up many things Clark. Godspeed.

From Rebecca "I came home from work one day to find Clark soaking in the bathtub, casually leafing through a journal I kept during my freshman year of college (note: I was mortified). I immediately went out and bought him his own journal, and in it he wrote these lyrics that became the poem read at the memorial on Sunday."

Clark's Poem

Remember who you are now, don’t forget it.
So here we are now, and hourglass turned and
filled with venom.
Ice cold hands steeded as to take me away from your embrace.
My hourglass is nearing dry with a humble heart, I say goodbye.
Do not weep and do not cry. Keep me immortal and never old.
I have lived enough for two lifetimes.
I burned it hot and kept it cold, knowing nothing ever lasts.
When your time comes to call, as with life death comes to us all.
Ashes to ashes, we all fall down, we all fall down.
It’s morbid to think, "Yeah, I got it,"
But a fact that no one can deny.
It puts all things into perspective, the day you learn you will die.
I’m not religious, believe there is no devil and no saints,
Just choices and directions we alone must make.
So face your voodoo, your demons, your faith,
I will return to the earth from which I was made.
Take with me the pride and the memories of those I have loved,
For they will keep me alive for all eternity.
Put me in the ground and let me rot.
Just toast a drink to me now and again and say,
"That was a guy who gave a shit!"
And pour for me no more than a sip.
Me and the earth will welcome it.

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