Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ummmm.........hmmmm. Let's say "interesting"..

Well. This is a puzzler. I am all for cover songs, and especially when an artist puts their own spin on the song (see: Jawbox - "Cornflake Girl", Minor Threat - "Steppin' Stone, Quicksand - "How Soon is Now?", etc.). This however, I think is a little too wussy.

Mildly uncomfortable video

For those who don't know Jason Mraz, he is a soft rock super star. Here in DC he gets much play on Mix 107.3 (eeewwww).

The Ramones rule. This might just be Blasphemy. I'm just saying.

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Jim H said...

IS nothing sacred? Wait, nothing is sacred. Even the Ramones.

(It is kind of funny in a SNL kind of self-parody way)