Sunday, June 8, 2008


Welcome to the DC Baltimore All Ages show list. Every week the list is updated with new shows. The focus is on, but not limited to, Punk and HarDCore shows, as that is where the "All Ages" shows were born from.
First, a little history. The showlist was started by Jimmy Askew many years ago (not sure how many). As of this posting, there have been 450 posts. The member ship to the original Yahoo group has floated between 400 and 700 members. I was a long time member, and became the moderator about 3 years ago.
The reason for the new blog is that I wanted to bring more exposure to the list, as there are many great shows, and events that more people should know about.
The DC, VA, B-more music scenes are diverse and make up a great community. This list serves simply to serve that community.
OK, off the soapbox. I am a bit of a dork, prone to sarcasm, and goofy jokes. If you subscribe to this list, you will come to know this well.
If you have a show to submit send it to me. the only rule is it has to be All Ages (thus the clever name). No 18+ or 21+ shows. Also, if it can be formatted in the following form:

DC--Fri, 6, Jun
The Black Cat
1811 14th Street


$12 Mainstage 9:00

state, date, venue, bands, cover, time, websites etc.

Look here for more updates. Usually just the list, but if something comes up, a la the recent Fort Reno debacle, I'll post it.
Also, i will be adding a links page soon. If you have a link that is pertinent to the list, send it on, and I will add it.
I think that is it for now. see ya soon.

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Rich said...

That's one hell of a list my friend! (I was searching for our band "Go Home Robot" when I found you...) You should come see us at The Rock & Roll Hotel on July 31!!!

Keep bloggin my friend...